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SmokeD offers a fire detection system for monitoring large areas, like forests and plantations. Start-up developes deep learning algorithms capable of early smoke detection by analysing data from cameras. The system automatically alarms supervisors and shows the location of a fire on a map. The high ability in smoke recognition and short reaction time make SmokeD an effective tool in fire prevention.

Solwena develops AI-driven Building Energy Management System Percee that decreases energy consumption in the building.

Glopack is a manufacturer of an innovative ecological stretch film that is more effective than its standard counterparts. Advanced production technology results in a product that is lightweight & durable and allows companies to decrease the amount of plastic used in logistics and retail up to 66%. The technology is protected with two patents.

Waste24 is a waste management marketplace for individual clients, companies and municipalities. The company has a still-growing portfolio of complementary services. Śmieci.eu simplifies the ordering of waste disposal services, containers, construction-site fences and portable toilets. Waste24.net platform allows municipalities and enterprises to effectively manage communal waste. All of the company solutions are characterized by ease of use, holistic approach and short time of delivery.

Reliability Solutions address the issues concerning industrial continuity maintenance and high costs of production downtime. Using AI-powered platforms the start-up analyzes data from various devices to forecast a possible breakdown.

Geofusion Group specializes in seabed inspections and hazardous materials disposal with focus on UXO (unexploded objects) and chemical weapons. It is a huge challenge and a necessary service for offshore wind power deployment on the Baltic Sea. The company is currently developing first of a kind technology for chemical weapons extraction and disposal performed directly at the sea. Geofusion carries out various other geophysical examinations using top-notch equipment, both on land and off-shore.

Lekta is a technology company providing conversational AI technology for customer success solutions. Advanced intention recognition algorithms place the conversation in the business context and create natural human-like communication. Contrary to the competitive solutions based on decision trees, virtual agents built on Lekta don’t need to follow already written scripts. The NLP engine used by Lekta was built and is developed in-house. The company’s clients include the biggest enterprises in the region: banks and insurance (PKO BP, ING, mBank, CreditAgricole, Warta), media (UPC, Canal+), telecoms (Orange) and more.


IC Sec develops Intrusion Detection System for industrial networks addressing the problem of cyberattacks on critical energy, utility and manufacturing infrastructure. SCADVANCE XP is a comprehensive cybersecurity solution consisting of probes and monitoring software created in cooperation with recognized national scientific institutions and data centers. It allows to detect anomalies and cyber threats in industrial automation networks before they cause irreparable damage.

cash director

Cash Director is AI-enabled Digital CFO for SMEs. The service is based on a real-time accounting platform. It automates daily financial tasks, helps manage day-to-day cash flow and provides easy access to financing when needed, replacing traditional accounting services and improves decision-making in SMEs. The product is directly accessible within online banking, utility provider or telecom websites.

Sinterit revolutionizes the industry by introducing unique solutions in the field of prototyping and production of short series of spare parts. By offering distributed design teams high-precision 3D printers at the price of a consumer product, it contributes to the democratization and optimization of the industrial design process and addresses the needs of end customers better than the competition.

Closer is a conversational sales platform that allows its clients to increase sales and provide a better customer experience with asynchronous chat, live video and audio calls, powered by state-of-the-art AI systems. Advanced NLP bots and AI-dialog suggestions help sales and support teams to automate the most common tasks and provide effective, all-in-one solution for the company’s external communication. The customers can easily connect with the support using a preferred communication channel with cross-device and cross-channel continuity of the conversation. The platform is available for both SMB (through SaaS model) and enterprise clients.

DBR77 is a marketplace for industry robotization with the main focus on SMBs. The platform allows the companies that didn’t have any previous experience with automation to easily configure the assembly line and pick a suitable partner (an integrator) to deliver the solution. Advanced 3D-modelling tools available on the platform can be used to visualize and design the projects. DBR77 mission is to foster robotization of the industry, by simplifying a deal-making process and removing high barriers to entry (in terms of high initial costs and specialized knowledge required).

Challenge Rocket offers a solution to the problem of recruiting top-class programmers. The start-up has created a SaaS platform for automatic evaluation of programmers using tests with a self-adaptive level of difficulty. The system based on AI technology enables quick and reliable assessment of the candidates’ skills.

Take Task responds to the challenges of field force management. The start-up provides a platform for mobile communication, task creation and distribution, as well as feedback collection in enterprises where large groups of employees do not use computers on a daily basis.

Woonti – enables automation of blue-collar recruitment and employee acquisition processes. The system, based on machine learning, allows full automation of recruitment and employee selection processes. Woonti’s solution is used by industrial and energy sector, including offshore construction companies. Woonti is a member of the T-Shore project.