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The EEC team

Rafał Małecki

Over 20 years in the investment sector

Voytek Siewierski

Over 30 years in the investment sector

Konrad Sitnik

25 years in the investment sector

Arkadiusz Kowalik

Investment manager with experience in an international startup company



Sinterit received PLN 10 million from EEC Magenta

EEC Magenta has announced PLN 10 million investment in Sinterit. The Krakow-based company has developed a new 3D printing technology and is selling its products in over 40 countries. The current funding will help the company to grow even faster and to solidify its position as a global additive manufacturing leader. Additive manufacturing is a…

EEC Magenta invests in ChallengeRocket

Polish fund EEC Magenta finalised another investment. PLN 3.2 million for further development was transferred to the Wrocław-based start-up company – a platform that connects specialists from the IT industry, among others, with corporate employers. This is the Fund’s third investment over the last five months. The demand for programmers is growing globally and…

EEC Magenta finalizes another investment

EEC Magenta has invested in the innovative corporate field force automation platform TakeTask. This is the second investment the fund finalized after the first one which was announced last month. The largest corporate venture capital fund in Poland will invest about PLN 2 million in TakeTask. The company specializes in automating processes in corporations. “Our clients are large retail chains and we…

It is our mission to digitalize industry and energy sector. We support brave and innovative entrepreneurs in implementing their vision. We are not afraid to take risks or to bet on a team in which we believe.

Rafał Małecki - Partner at EEC Ventures & EEC Magenta