Who we are

EEC Ventures is a holding company, founded in 2012, specializing in creating independent companies managing private assets in Central and Eastern Europe

Rafał Małecki

Over 20 years in the investment

Voytek Siewierski

Over 30 years in the investment

Konrad Sitnik

25 years in the investment

Rafał Małecki

Partner. In 2012, he founded EEC Ventures together with Michał Rumiński and Konrad Sitnik. One of the most experienced investment specialists in the energy and clean technologies sector in Poland. In 1998, he co-founded the first venture capital fund dealing exclusively with environmental protection and clean technologies sector in Central and Eastern Europe.

Graduate of the University of Warsaw. CFA charter holder.

Voytek Siewierski

Partner. He has been associated with EEC Ventures since 2018. Co-founder and long-term partner in a number of different Silicon Valley based venture capital funds. The founder of a boutique investment bank, supporting non-American companies in fundraising in the US. Throughout his career, he has made several dozen VC investments in American start-up companies and a large number of profitable exits.

Graduate of Harvard Business School and Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy.


Partner. In 2012, he founded EEC Ventures together with Michał Rumiński and Rafał Małecki. From the very beginning associated with the Polish capital market. A reputable specialist with extensive experience in enterprise management at various stages of an organization’s life cycle: from the start-up stage to the expansion stage. For 25 years associated with investment banking and the private equity / venture capital sector.

Graduate of law at the University of Warsaw. Holds an MBA from the University of Minnesota.

Digitalization and automation of industry is the future. Responsible leaders focus on producing results that allow us to shape this future today.

Voytek Siewierski – General Partner at EEC Magenta



A team of seasoned investment professionals with long term venture capital experience in Central and Eastern Europe, US and Asia


Unique industry related experience in focus sectors


The management team’s work is guided by the principles of responsible investment


The partners of the firm are a close-knit team and the years spent working together increase and improve the work process efficiency and its results


CashDirector raises PLN12M from EEC Magenta

Polish fintech will continue to develop its AI-enabled Digital CFO for SMEs, expand distribution channels beyond banking sector and launch the service in Western Europe. 80% of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) fail due to liquidity issues, which often could be avoided by better management of the company cash flows. Current solutions are either too…

ICsec picks up PLN2M funding from EEC Magenta to further develop Polish industrial cybersecurity system.

IC Sec develops advanced Intrusion Detection System (IDS) for industrial networks addressing the problem of cyberattacks on critical energy, utility and manufacturing infrastructure. SCADVANCE XP is a comprehensive cybersecurity solution consisting of probes and monitoring software created in cooperation with recognized national scientific institutions and data centers. It allows to detect anomalies and cyber threats…

Sinterit received PLN 10 million from EEC Magenta

EEC Magenta has announced PLN 10 million investment in Sinterit. The Krakow-based company has developed a new 3D printing technology and is selling its products in over 40 countries. The current funding will help the company to grow even faster and to solidify its position as a global additive manufacturing leader. Additive manufacturing is a…


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