Reliability Solutions address the issues concerning industrial continuity maintenance and high costs of production downtime. Using AI-powered platforms the start-up analyzes data from various devices to forecast a possible breakdown.

Take Task responds to the challenges of field force management. The start-up provides a platform for mobile communication, task creation and distribution, as well as feedback collection in enterprises where large groups of employees do not use computers on a daily basis.

Challenge Rocket offers a solution to the problem of recruiting top-class programmers. The start-up has created a SaaS platform for automatic evaluation of programmers using tests with a self-adaptive level of difficulty. The system based on AI technology enables quick and reliable assessment of the candidates’ skills.

Sinterit revolutionizes the industry by introducing unique solutions in the field of prototyping and production of short series of spare parts. By offering distributed design teams high-precision 3D printers at the price of a consumer product, it contributes to the democratization and optimization of the industrial design process and addresses the needs of end customers better than the competition.